Minority Report: Babies of Color Officially Outnumber Whites Now

Several years ago, National Geographic made headlines for its cover story about what people of the future will look like. Far from a science-fiction based approach, the story rather examined the very real evolution of interracial coupling. Essentially, the thesis was that by 2050, the vast majority of people will represent a combination platter of different races and that this could potentially make racism obsolete. The theory has now been given a major boost of credibility thanks to the results of a United States census poll which seem to prove that non-White babies are now officially the majority.

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According to NPR, the Census Bureau has released data documenting a historical development in the racial makeup of the U.S. “Babies of color now outnumber non-Hispanic White babies (1 year or younger),” writes Kendra Yoshinaga. The news falls in line with similar evidence, including the fact that “minority student enrollment in public schools surpassed that of White students” in the 2014-2015 academic year. For those who have been following the story’s progression, the official announcement from the Census Bureau does not come as a surprise and is mostly a formality, but that does not lessen the potential implications.

racial majority

To suggest that the end of racism is a mere generation away ignores much of the nuance and complexity of systemic bigotry found in much of the world. However, in the era of Black Lives Matter, the idea that White people could soon find themselves in the minority is a game changer. And, if one day we all begin to look like one another more than ever before, perhaps “all lives matter” would become not an insensitive rebuttal, but rather a sign that we are – and always have been – the same.