Nipsey Hussle & Dave East Go Back To Their Rugged Roots, With Clarity (Audio)

Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Mondays push on—with no finish line in sight. The Los Angeles, California veteran joins another highly-prolific MC in Dave East for “Clarity.”

This song finds these two street-wise men (along with Bino Rideaux) going back to the tense, high-stakes environments that raised them. For Nip’, those were the gang-infested L.A. streets that have been integral to his Rap imagery and style. Across the country, Dave East chronicles an East Harlem, New York that remained treacherous at a time when the New York City changed drastically.

From different coasts, the Nas co-signed Dave and Nip’ have a strong chemistry together.

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The beat is produced by Hussle’s go-to Mike & Keys, along with Myguymars.