Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg Show The Complexity Behind The “Colors” (Video)

Last month, Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg made perhaps the most meaningful in their litany of collaborations. “Question #1” finds the two Greater Los Angeles, California street artists coming together to talk about the high cost of gang life. Both of these artists have been public figures, with known affiliations. However, the song finds these MCs warning of the ripple effects of street violence, and describing how joining the organizations was a survivalist choice in their upbringing.

For the newly-released video, Nipsey walks and congregates through various gang-infested neighborhoods in L.A. Snoop Dogg does appear for his verse. The same angst and circumstance Hussle and Snoop rhyme about is seen on the face of the gang members appearing in the video. These MCs are ambassadors to the streets that raised them.

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This song is produced by Mike & Keys, Nip’s in-house mainstays.