Nipsey Hussle Claims Rappers & Their Raps Aren’t Hard Enough (Audio)

Nipsey Hussle is ramping up in a major way. The Los Angeles, California veteran MC is fresh off of his latest (and arguably his greatest) Snoop Dogg collaboration in “Question #1.” Now, Nip’ takes burgeoning Sacramento artist Mozzy under his wing once more for “Ain’t Hard Enough.”

With a pulsating beat courtesy of Mike, Keys, and Tariq Beats, the two artists call out the class of rappers that’s coming with soft narratives, and submissive deliveries. In the last decade, Nipsey watched the leading voices of the mainstream and underground shift, while he’s stayed the course of hard-nosed Gangsta Rap (with consequences often included).

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Even with his major label deals falling out before albums were properly released, hard content and undisputed authenticity has been the propelling force for Hussle’s movement throughout his extensive underground career. Mozzy, who’s been co-signed by Nip’ and YG, appears to be hoping to follow in those footsteps.