President Obama “Raps” A Blunt Message To Donald Trump (Video)

For years, BaracksDubs have made a number of videos which expertly edit clips of President Obama together to make it look like he is singing or rapping songs in the cultural Zeitgeist. Their latest video, no doubt intentionally timed to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, is by far their most brazen effort, yet. The song they chose to render is YG’s “FDT” (F*ck Donald Trump), which was so controversial upon its release, it landed the artist on the radar of the Secret Service, and he was forced to allow them to review the lyrics of his entire album before it could be released.

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Reflective of untold hours of painstaking research and editing, the video creators show one rapid-fire byte after another, such that the President sounds like he is rapping the song’s controversial lyrics. They even manage to somehow make it seem like he’s dropping the “F” bomb.

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Given Obama’s increased boldness during his last year in office, which has been on full display with his Correspondents’ Dinner Speech and continued public embracing of Hip-Hop, would it be too far-fetched to imagine him singing the song to himself while killing time on Air Force One? Imagine the possibilities…”Obama out.”