Prodigy & Alchemist Unlock Mystical Jewels For Those Who Can Crack The Code (Audio)

In April, Prodigy & Alchemist gave away their 2013 album Albert Einstein, for free. The Mobb Deep co-founder and the group’s longtime affiliate producer have a ton of history together—spanning back to the 1990s. In 2016, even with giveaways, P and ALC are still putting in work, and advancing their sound together.

This past Thursday (July 14), Statik Selektah played some unreleased Prodigy & Alchemist on his ShowOff Radio show. Although it has some live cuts and drops over-top, “Mystic” is a whole new chamber for the duo. ALC chops down some woodwinds with gentle drums in his role as producer. P digs in with his flow, and kicks numerous encoded spiritual truths in which he believes. Both artists continue to evolve, together and apart—after 15-plus years.

Prodigy & Alchemist Give Albert Einstein Album Away For Free

After “Mystic” finishes, Statik drops the needle on a beat he and Al’ made once together. With Prodigy and longtime Infamous Mobb affiliate Big Twins in Statik’s Bushwick, Brooklyn studio—the two QB vets made this record in one take.

On the song called “Live From Bushwick,” Prodigy stays on his bully-rap modus operandi. Twins’ signature raspiness meshes quite nicely. On a dense loop (with some accents that follow), the two vets go right back to “the 41st Side of things” with the rugged rhymes. Twins has made some of his best music with the Beverly Hills, California producer on the boards.

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For fans of Alchemist and M-O-B-B, he and Havoc released an entire The Silent Partner album (available for full, free stream) several weeks back. Twins also released his latest LP, TNT in April—which features Prodigy and Al’.