Sadat X & Rhymefest Paint A Picture Of A Better World Right On Time (Audio)

Tomorrow (7/15), Sadat X will release his new solo album, Agua, on Tommy Boy Records. The LP features stellar production from Pete Rock, Diamond D, DJ Scratch, Da Beatminerz, Easy Mo Bee and more, and guest appearances by A.F.R.O., RA The Rugged Man, Ed. O.G., Black Sheep Dres, and fellow Brand Nubian Lord Jamar, among others. One of Agua‘s many standout tracks features Chicago MC Rhymefest, and its message of positivity comes at the perfect time.

Sadat X Passes The Torch To A-F-R-O And He Holds It High (Video)

“Imagine,” which was premiered on Mass Appeal, boasts a Kanye West sample, and finds both X and ‘Fest rhyming about a better world. In a week filled with tragedy and upheaval, the song could not be more timely. Throughout, both MCs imagine different scenarios of bliss, ranging from those with global impact to wishes that are more personal. Sadat raps “Imagine it’s my news, and the earth realize they worth. Imagine if they were taught love at birth. Imagine if my father ain’t die. And, the thought of him here still moistens my eye.” He also imagines financial success for everyone and safety for their families. For his part, Rhymefest goes back and re-writes noteworthy incidents from the past. “Rihanna met Chris Brown and walked away. I’m just sayin’ I imagined that the other day,” he raps. He also dreams about free healthcare and freedom from financial burdens like credit cards and loans. In the end, however, he acknowledges that without the struggles he’s faced, he would not be the man he is today.

“Imagine” joins a long list of “what if” themed records, like “If I Ruled The World” (both by Kurtis Blow and Nas), and Snoop Dogg’s own “Imagine,” featuring Dr. Dre and D’Angelo. In a world dominated by negative news, however, can there ever be enough of these songs?