Scarface Has Seen Too Many Young Men Die. He Speaks Up (Audio)

Scarface takes his lyrics places others won’t seem to go. The Geto Boy appears on Swizz Beatz’ upcoming Choices & Changes album. After years of working with Ruff Ryders, Facemob connects with the superstar producer for “Sad News.”

The song traces Brad Jordan reading over another Black male dying at the hands of police. The soulful, legendary MC weighs in with evocative lyrics, palpable reaction, and an outcry for change. “Sad News” is a tongue-in-cheek title to the events that are breaking our hearts, and leading the masses to question the validity that “all men are created equal.” In his verse, he addresses hate groups, the distractions of materialism, and the failure to convict police officers for killing Black lives in high-profile murders of late.

Scarface Plays Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” On Guitar (Video)

Swizz Beatz provides vocals and a chorus to the song that hits home, especially this week.