Taylor Bennett Smashes The First EVER 10 Fingers Of Death (Video)

There’s more than one talented rapper in the Bennett family. While the world has been wowed by the gifts of Chance The Rapper for the last several years, his brother, Taylor, is making quite a name for himself. Fast. Many first caught wind of Taylor in 2014, when he went absolutely berserk over Dr. Dre’s classic “Forgot About Dre,” while spitting the lyrics to his song “Chiraq Dreamin.'” Now, Bennett steps up on his biggest platform yet, and seizes the opportunity.

Taylor Bennett Goes Off On A Classic Dr. Dre Beat In Chi-raq Dreamin (Video)

As most MCs know, a visit to the Sway In The Morning show, usually requires that they be armed with a verse. The veteran on-air personality, for whom the show is named, believes that MCs should be prepared to showcase their craft when they step into the studio. For a select few, he puts them to a special challenge, in his 5 Fingers Of Death series, where guests are asked to rhyme over 5 randomly chosen beats. Often, Sway’s DJ Wonder goes out of his way to choose unorthodox instrumentals designed to throw lesser MCs off.

Chance the Rapper’s Brother Taylor Bennett Says Hatin’ Never Pays Off (Audio)

Knowing that he would be required to freestyle, Taylor said “I don’t own my gift. It’s not in my hands. I have plenty of freestyles that I fuck up in all the time, and I miss words, and before I came up here I prayed.” Well, his prayers were answered, as not only did he take on the 5 Fingers Of Death, he became the first MC to ever rap over 10 different beats in the series (technically 11).

Despite a rocky start that included him needing to switch headphones because he could barely hear the instrumentals over which he was rapping, he did not even pause or stutter as he did the swap. From there, he proceeded to go in over an incredible assortment of beats, from EDM to Biggie to Jay Z, all off the top. Unlike many who go off the top, he was not just saying words that rhymed. He told stories about himself, his brother, the night before, his experience rapping on Sway In The Morning and much more. It was an undeniable notice to the world that Taylor Bennett has arrived.