The Warriors Are Coming Out To Play, Again.

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1979’s The Warriors is a cinematic cult-classic in the eyes of many. The Walter Hill-directed film shot on location in grimy Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx, New York has not only become a pillar of grind-house-era cinema, it is a film that has greatly inspired Hip-Hop through music, dialogue, and fashion. The work was adapted from Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel of the same name, which itself is a modernized interpolation of Xenophon’s Greek epic, Anabasis.

Approaching 40 years since Swan, Cleon, Rembrandt, Ajax and the rest of the fictional Coney Island gang fought their way home to Stillwell Avenue on screen, The Warriors are returning to a new medium. More than a decade after the Paramount Pictures film was adapted to a top-selling video game, it is now coming to web television.

36 Years Later, The Warriors Take Their Last Subway Ride Home. Can You Dig It? (Video)

Deadline reports that brothers Joe and Anthony Russo will reboot The Warriors on Hulu. The recent Captain America franchise adapters (The Winter Soldier and The Civil War) also confirmed Frank Baldwin will write the multi-part series. The Russo Brothers are also attached to a 2010s remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. The 1968 Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway original was previously remade in 1999 by Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo.

There is no release date yet attached to Hulu’s modern take on The Warriors.

Less than one year ago, cast members from The Warriors joined film fanatics for a subway ride to Coney Island, commemorating the film’s dramatic close.

#BonusBeat: N.W.A.’s The Warriors-inspired “100 Miles & Runnin’,” complete with the Martha & Vandella’s “Nowhere To Run” interlude and deejay shout-out:

Other Warriors Hip-Hop allusions have courtesy of Total and Puff Daddy, as well as DJ P & DJ Z-Trip.