Ty Dolla $ign & His Incarcerated Brother Reach Through Walls For Justice (Audio)

Ty Dolla $ign named his debut album Free TC. The title of that Atlantic Record/Taylor Gang Top 20 album from last year is a dedication to Ty’s younger brother. A singer and songwriter in a deeply-musical family, Big TC was  featured on the LP (see: “Miracle/Whatever”). The Los Angeles, California native is currently serving a life sentence for murder—a crime that Ty has maintained is a crime that his little bro’ did not commit.

In 2016, on the subject of wrongful arrests, police brutality, and failure to convict law enforcement for the killings of citizens, Ty and TC come together once more. “No Justice” released last Friday (July 15) in a series of social media snippets. As a newly-assembled full song, the message aims to liberate the mind through awareness. “There can never be no justice when killing us is legal,” TC croons, before pleading that somebody take a stand. “Ain’t no justice for the brothers.” Moreover, Ty and TC elaborate on his this flawed system is ripping apart families.

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This song, and its soulful delivery resonates with realness—for the Griffin family and many others in America.