De La Soul Release One Of The Most Unique Songs They’ve Ever Recorded (Audio)

In 16 days (August 26), De La Soul will release its first full-fledged album since 2004’s The Grind Date. and The Anonymous Nobody has many music lovers excited, following two album singles: the Snoop Dogg-assisted “Pain” and chaser “Royalty Capes.”

The third official look from the LP shows the evolution of De La Soul’s sound. “Drawn” welcomes Swedish Electro-Pop band Little Dragon to the mix. Lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano and her band that has worked with Big Boi and GZA run the show for the majority of the song. An orchestral groove builds—complete with a string section (including lots of plucking), and cymbals. Nagano’s smooth vocals vanish for a prolonged period. Yuki shifts to the background, as Posdnuos, Dave, and Maseo seemingly take on the chorus in harmony. Here, the tempo builds, making way for Plug 1 to come forth with a melancholic verse about mistakes made, a disconnect between talent and legacy, and a call to action to wake up.

Just as “Pain” went to a deeper, realer place in the De La canon, so does “Drawn.” Moreover, a group known to be supremely forward-thinking in its sound takes its 27-year-lineage to a whole new place. In doing so, they let the guests shine, just as they have in the past with Common, Mos Def, and MF DOOM.

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Little Dragon and De La both toured extensively with Gorillaz on 2010’s Plastic Beach Tour.