Logic Fights The Worst Cravings In The Sequel To “Nikki” (Audio)

One of the charms on Logic’s 2014 debut album Under Pressure was “Nikki.” While MCs have written metaphoric love songs to women that double-played as Hip-Hop, guns, or money, the Maryland lyricist went to another place. On his Def Jam debut, “Nikki” was short for nicotine—and chronicled Logic’s 10-plus-year battle with kicking the smoking habit.

Besides simply trying to quit, the song’s message worked for dragged-out relationships, and addictions to chemicals, habits, and people alike. Teaming with Colorado-based Electronic duo Big Gigantic, Logic301 reprises one of his early fan favorites. “All Of Me” is an update on the relationship the MC has with “Nikki.”

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Featuring Rozes (who takes on an elaborate chorus), Logic—now 26 years old, has more to live for, and seems to have outgrown some of his past lifestyle choices. He raps: “What the fuck would I stay for / Why the fuck would I pay for her / Stunting is just gonna kill me / Nikki, I’m still me but I’m just better / It’s been six months since we touched last / But I grow fast with this letter / And I swear to God that I’m better.” Seemingly, Logic has turned the page.

#BonusBeat: Logic broke down “Nikki” for Genius more than a year ago. He says the song was his own homage to Kanye West’s “Addiction”:

This production, albeit Electronic, suits the Visionary Music Group star nicely. This belongs to Big Gigantic’s Bright Future (August 26).