Logic May Be In Super Mario World But His Lyrics Are Not A Game (Video)

Along with blistering verses, Logic clearly has a penchant for video games. Two years ago, when he released the video for “Under Pressure,” the title song for his debut album, it was a high octane combat adventure shot from the first person perspective like a real-life game of Call Of Duty. Fast forward and his recent Bobby Tarantino mixtape, released last month, features a song titled “Super Mario World.”

Logic Releases The 11 Track Bobby Tarantino Without Warning (Album Stream)

Logic has released the video for the song and, naturally, it features an appearance from the beloved titular character, himself. Logic is shown hanging with the big homie in a variety of settings, from boats to basketball courts, and even sharing the stage with the red-hatted hero.

While the song, with its happy-go-lucky melody, and video are lighthearted, Logic still brings his trademark heat to the track, reminding that his wordplay is not a game.