DOOM & Kool Keith Are Villains With Heroic Verses (Audio)

DOOM (f/k/a MF DOOM) and Kool Keith have some over-arching qualities. For starters, these two 1980s-rooted MCs can never seem to decide on one name to release their product. Outside of titles, these artists have evolved with a love of unconventional writing, strong imagery, and the furthest reaching pop culture references and similes.

While the groups K.M.D. and Ultramagnetic MCs may have introduced DOOM and Keith, respectively, they have been substantial careers since going solo and straying away from the pack of typical rhyme structures and musical trends. Kool Keith ignores symmetrical cadences to prove many of his illuminated points, while DOOM can fold his compound rhymes into corners like origami paper. Fresh off of “When The Lights Go Out,” an August collaboration with Atmosphere, Metal Face and Dr. Dooom stay in their studio lairs for “Super Hero.”

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Keith’s whimsical verse pulls from comic books, Big Apple references, and the wildest corners of his psychedelic imagination. He tackles the chorus, as DOOM enters with reworked jingles, unique cadences, and his own animated crime-fighting story line. This particular run-in comes 12 years after “Dope Skiller” from DOOM’s Venomous Villain LP (released as “Viktor Vaughn”).

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This song, appearing on Keith’s Feature Magnetic (September 16) is produced by the MC. His work on the boards is as original as his Rap style. That album will also feature Mac Mall, Bumpy Knuckles, Psycho Les, Craig G, Sadat X, Slug, Ras Kass, Godfather Don, Necro, and others.