Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth Approved This Best-Of Mix & You Will Too (Audio)

Not many groups (in any genre) can warrant a “Best Of” off of just two albums and an EP. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth are a clear exception. Between 1991 and 1994, the New York City Hip-Hop duo released just a few handfuls of songs. That material left a lasting impact on the sound and presentation of Rap music. Moreover, the pair split seemingly at the top of their game. Even so, Elektra Records released 16-track Good Life compilation, with some soundtrack extras and rarities.

While that greatest hits is a great introduction or must-have for collectors, DJ Friedz literally took the duo’s discography into his own hands. The Midwestern mixmaster got props from Pete & C.L. in this 52 minute mix that defies the charts, and aims for the ears and hearts of group purists. Featuring appearances by the late Heavy D, Grand Puba, and Grap Luva (among others), this playlist celebrates a group that remains relevant to Hip-Hop’s soulful side. The hits are all here, but so are the records that influenced classes of producers and MCs. Friedz never lets the music/mix stagnate.

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth Are Back In The Studio, Together

Here is the tracklist:

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I Got A Love
The Basement
Lots Of Lovin’ Remix
Carmel City King
Ghetto’s Of The Mind
Anger In The Nation
Soul Brother #1
If It Right, It Ain’t Right
Act Like You Know
Don’t Curse
Straighten It Out
Today (by Tom Scott & The California Dreamers)
It’s Not A Game
Da Two Back On Da Block
Down With The King
It’s On You
In The Flesh
Get On The Mic (Remix)

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As a note, the story may not be ending here. In addition to a year where Pete has laced hot tracks for Torae, Sadat X, and Chris RiversPete Rock and C.L. Smooth have been photographed in the studio together this year—in addition to some touring. Here’s to a new chapter…