Prodigy & Big Twins Keep The Imagery Infamous In The Rotten Apple (Video)

Twenty years ago, when Hip-Hop Heads pressed play on Mobb Deep’s gold-certified Hell On Earth, they heard Big Twins on opener “Animal Instinct.” Known then as “Twin Gambino,” the raspy voiced MC would join Big Noyd as one of the M-O-B-B’s most recognized offshoots. A fellow Queens, New York product, Twins (who would release a number of albums with Infamous Mobb) remains super tight with Prodigy 20 calendars later. On his latest, April’s TNT (produced entirely by Twiz The Beat Pro), the two MCs joined forces on “Rotten Apple.”

Ambrosia For Heads premieres the video of the song that focuses on the qualities that make New York City grimy in ’96, and today. As Twins and P bust their image-driven verses in the video, Heads can take in the sights and feels of the city at day and overnight. Twiz lets the vocal sample cry, capturing that old school feel to match what draws these men to their home.

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TNT also features longtime Twins supporter Alchemist, in addition to Ras Kass and Evidence. In 2008, Prodigy, Twins, and Un Pacino released an album together in Product Of The 80’s.