Run The Jewels & DJ Shadow Give New Meaning To Political Warfare (Video)

Run The Jewels has a standing reputation for incredible music videos. As independent artists, Killer Mike and El-P have been able to make bold statements that match their cutting lyrics and pounding beats. Teaming with DJ Shadow for The Mountain Will Fall single “Nobody Speak,” the rep is all the way in tact.

For this visual, R.T.J. and the Solesides co-founder go to a United Nations-style circular meeting room. Two particular political adversaries mouth the fiery words El and Mike wrote for the single. This time, they are speaking directly to each other—which the two MCs were not. Fighting words to say the least, tempers flare and an all out rumble breaks out. Water glasses fly, flag poles are used as weapons, and suddenly a delegate conference looks like Roadhouse.

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Although this premiered at Funny Or Die, the grabbing Mass Appeal Records video is more than just entertainment. As political discourse rages right now (with Presidential Candidate debates ahead), the image of using the American Flag as a weapon is quite symbolic—no matter what side of the aisle you sit on. Also, the final shot is equally important—perhaps signaling a sequel?

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Mike, El-Producto, and Shadow (sporting a bad toupee) all appear as extras in the video.