Taylor Bennett’s Song Highlights How Chance The Rapper Really Is His Brother’s Keeper

Last week, Taylor Bennett made Hip-Hop history as the first MC to double up on Sway In The Morning’s “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle challenge. “10 Fingers Of Death” definitely requires two hands, especially to clap it up for the unsigned Chicago, Illinois MC—who happens to be the younger brother of 2016 juggernaut Chance The Rapper.

Hip-Hop has long had siblings in the mix. E-40 and B-Legit, Dr. Dre and Warren G, Kane & Abel, Pete Rock and Grap Luva, as well as Kurupt and Scoe (f/k/a Roscoe) are just some of these notable bloodlines.

Taylor isn’t crutching Chance’s spotlight in the least. He is not a major role-player in Coloring Book. However, a song he premiered on Sway’s show, “Chance Song,” (a makeshift title) breaks down just how much thicker blood is than water—and shows major thanks within the fam’.

Taylor Bennett Smashes The First EVER 10 Fingers Of Death (Video)

The record goes back to childhood, and examines the bond between the Bennett boys. The song features its own whimsical sound, which is heartfelt—and soulful. The verse chronicles how the siblings’ father worked at the White House, while things were far from financially stable at the Bennett home. Chance urged Taylor to focus on his craft, above street temptations which were lingering. This is a tale about two brothers doing it their own way, respectively, at their own times. C.T.R. motivated Taylor to do it the right way, and still learn and enjoy his early successes.