Andre 3000’s New “Decemba” Verse Is Cold. How Cold? ICE COLD (Audio)

Since the 2006 release of OutKast’s Idlewild soundtrack, Andre 3000 has put out just over 20 verses. While nearly every one has been an event in and of itself, often standing among the best in its respective year, an average of two an annum is far too few for fans of the ATLien.

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It’s been a sweet sixteen for Andre Benjamin, however. Thus far, he’s blessed 5 tracks this year, and now, with a head-spinning appearance on the remix to Divine Council’s “Decemba,” he’s tripled his average annual output, with a full quarter of the year to go. By 3 Stacks’ standards, he is on a TEAR.

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After teaming up with Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, Andre now lends his talents to Divine Council, a crew consisting of rappers $ilk Money, Cyrax Bathbwoy, Lord Linco, and ICYTW*T, who also holds down production duties. While the group’s music may be unfamiliar to many, having released only this year’s Council World EP, to date, their profile is about to get much bigger, as Andre laces them with a performance that’s as cold as any he’s rendered this year.

Hopefully, this renewed output by 3000 is an indication of more things to come, but for now, the Fall just got cooler than cool.