Beanie Sigel Reveals How Texts & Photos Led To Violent Beef With Meek Mill (Audio)

Following a documented altercation this past weekend, Beanie Sigel has broken his silence. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hit-maker appeared on the latest episode of the Taxstone Podcast. There, the former Roc-A-Fella Records star broke down his changing position in the beef between The Game and Meek Mill, and why he feels he was played by an artist who represents his city differently than he has.

At 24:40, things get to their formal introduction. Beans “The reason that I called you was because I’m a firm believer, and I grew up with certain morals and principles that I stand on, as a man. I was taught at a young age, when you tell a lie long enough, that lie becomes the truth.” While social media, video footage, and detailed accusations have questioned Beanie’s street code, he refuses to accept those labels. “With me with this whole [The Game and Meek Mill] situation, I ain’t gotta rat for nobody. I’m not talkin’ about nothin’, ’cause I know me. I know how I move and I know how I get down.” Beanie actually quotes former onetime a foe-turned-friend from The LOX. “[Styles P] said, ‘Plug the fan in, let the sweat dry off, then grab the canon,’ meaning don’t run off [of] emotion. Sit back, calm down, let your adrenaline settle, wipe that sweat off, contemplate, and move how you move.”

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While The Game has accused Meek Mill of police cooperation, and a Meek associate questioned Sigel’s character, the South Philly MC expounds, “I don’t call people rats if I don’t see paperwork; I don’t call people faggots if I don’t see paperwork […] We got three things that we need to talk about in this situation with Meek [Mill]: we need to talk about street shit, ’cause that be part of it. We need to talk about music shit; that play a part of it. And we gotta talk about religion; that play a part of it.”

While TMZ footage showed the rapper on the ground at a Bad Boy Family Reunion concert last Friday (September 23), he maintains that his knuckle game is in tact. “I can fight; I can rumble. I grew up on that. I’m not a ’90s baby; my birthday is 3-6-74. I’m 42 years old; I’m from the era where you had to fight.” While audiences may see things differently, Beans believes they’re misinformed. “Let’s put my name back in its proper place where it belong.” He reminds people that he existed as a gold-selling artist without security on numerous Roc-A-Fella Records tours.

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According to Beanie Sigel, the problem began long before The Game. Recently, a Reading, Pennsylvania concert promoter approached Beans with a $15,000 concert offer, if Meek Mill was willing to headline for $100,000 one-night affair. “It’s documented. I got the texts where I texted him,” says Beans, who adds that he will not share Meek’s number with the public. “So I asked [Meek Mill]—in the text—listen, you’re either gonna do this, or not. I’m not gonna play no games of one manager to another manager toooo another manager [back and forth]. I texted him, ‘Listen, at the end of the day, they work for you, you don’t work for them. You make the final decision. It’s a yes or no decision; we accept no like we accept yes. Play Madden, don’t play with me. I don’t play games, I end ’em.’ So the brother took that as a sign of disrespect or however he took it. [After no communication], he finally texts, ‘You’re not respecting my way of doing business. It’s certain protocol. But I don’t understand what you mean by ‘you don’t play games, you end them.’ So he finally called me, and we talked about it.”

As the two men talked about the concert, the subject moved to moved to women. Meek Mill, who is in a high profile relationship with Nicki Minaj, confided some things in Beans. The guest on Taxstone said he would not divulge the specific details. However, he says that he began to give Meek jewels from his experiences.

Elaborating around the 40:00 mark, Sigel highlights his biggest mistake. “As a character and my manhood and my music career and my career, I feel as though I only made one flaw and I got checked by my OG about that,” he says. “And that was me expressing my personal feelings and my emotions strongly about my brother who I know I got genuine love for and that was Jay [Z] and I made one too many diss records about him and I’m aware of that. I made that bed, I’ma lay in it. I’m wearing that.”

According to Beanie Sigel, his relationship with Meek Mill was strained following that difficult advice–especially on women. To make matters worse, during this hiatus of communication, Meek Mill posted an Instagram caption on Sigel Street—a South Philadelphia landmark, perhaps subliminally taunting Beans and other 1990s O.G.’s.  Allegedly, even Beanie’s mother—who still lives in South Philadelphia, took umbrage. “I took bullets for that block, not you,” Beanie remembers thinking at the time. “I text him, ‘You still on my block?'” Throughout the interview, Beanie decorates his street credibility, especially as it pertains to Philly.

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At 48:00, Beanie Sigel recalls being aware of a diss record being recorded in a nearby studio. He later reveals that he was unaware of “92 Bars” at the time. “They never called me. Once I heard they was in the studio gettin’ with Game, I said, ‘Aight, this is how I’ma get Meek to feel comfortable to get around me.’ I go in there; I didn’t write Omelly’s first verse. I didn’t write all of his second verse, but [I wrote] the majority of it. That’s facts. Niggas is playin’ games, lyin’, and sayin’ I didn’t write that shit. Stand up for the other brothers who was in the room, who know that!”

Eventually, “Ooouuu,” the song releases, only fueled by social media hype by Meek Mill, Beanie, and others. At 51:45, Sigel says he expected a reply—despite just a handful of bars, none mentioning Game by name.

“Me and Game got a rapport. Now, we had a misunderstanding—a miscommunication back in the day, and we got that out. So in my mind, when I did the move, I said, you know what, knowing Game, he’s been in plenty Rap beefs and battles, he’s gonna spit.” He continues, “He’s gonna respond, but I didn’t think he was gonna go as far as how he’s gonna respond so hard as far as calling me a crackhead, when he see me he gonna whup’ on me, this, that, and the third.” After hearing “Pest Control,” Sigel was ready to have his most public beef since his disses to Jadakiss and Jay Z. “So I said, you know what, at that point, I done already committed to something, so it is what it is. I made that bed, I’m gonna lay in it.”

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As Beanie Sigel prepared for war, he called Meek to maintain the same unified front as portrayed in the studio for “Ooouuu.”

“Before I go all the way, let me call Meek to see where he stand at with this. ‘Are you gonna go all the way?’ Because I’m not jumping out the jet with no parachute for nobody that’s not gonna ride for they-self. We had a conversation and the gist of it, because I told you I’m not saying nothing that’s incriminating nobody, that’s just facts. He told me, ‘Fall back, I got this. The situation gonna get handled at a certain time.’ Alright, you got that. That time passed and ain’t nothing happened.”

A few days later, while Beanie (who has a New Jersey residence) was staying at his mother’s house in South Philly and got an update. “I got a call, from Meek. He called me and said, ‘We gotta ride on this nigga Game.’ So I’m lookin’ at the phone [confused].” Meek pointed Beanie to the just-released Breakfast Club interview. Beanie, who said he’d evalutae the situation and get back to Mack, called Game and his manager after consuming the interview. “I called Wack and I called Game…Our conversation, in a nutshell, was ‘is it just Rap between me and you?'” Beans says that after “Pest Control,” he was asking troops in New York City and other cities to restrain acts of violence against Game and his camp. On the phone with the Compton, California veteran (and former collaborator), Beans had questions. He tells it as, “‘Are you standing on when you see me that I’m a crackhead, you gon’ whoop my ass, and all this—is you standing on that?‘ Game said, ‘Listen, my nigga. You stepped in some shit that you ain’t have nothin’ to do with.’ [I said], ‘I’m not talkin’ about that, Game. I want to know, is you standin’ on [what you said]?’ He could’ve said, ‘Fuck you, nigga! I’m standin’ on [what I said]. You got involved with something that you ain’t have no business gettin’ involved in. And now you made that bed, you’ve got to lay in it…But it ain’t go like that. He said, ‘Listen, man. I did what you would’ve did. You can’t sit and try to rationalize why I did what I did; I got that blueprint from you’…I said, ‘But Game, I didn’t slander your name [or] your honor. I just said, ‘In one phone call, I’m in L.A. in three hours.‘ Like, you took it somewhere else; you said you gon’ give me physical harm.’ He said, out of his mouth, this is real, ask him, if I’m lying, just ask him, we can get this cleared. He said, ‘Nigga, when Beanie Sigel says he’s in L.A. in three hours, that means he’s in L.A. in three hours and he’s gonna blow your fucking head off. Niggas know how you move, how you get down. I’m not gonna let you discredit me and I don’t say nothing. I’m Game, nigga. But I never, if you wouldn’t have gotten on that record, I would’ve never spoken on you in that light. You gotta respect that.’ I said, ‘True.’ Just like that, ‘True.‘” He said, “I only said your name in a legendary fashion, my nigga. And I can’t see how those niggas manipulated you to get on a record and diss me after I bigged you up.”

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It was here that Beans said he had not heard “92 Bars” and the following line:

Jay was in the Z, my young gunnas in the truck with it / Sigel would’ve loved it, Philly would’ve fucked with it / California state property you niggas stuck with it / Brrrring, sold Peedi Crakk / Game was on the block in his beanie with a Mac / I’m what you rap niggas ‘fraid of.

Beanie Sigel left the call with a new attitude. “Now we got an understanding between Beanie Sigel and The Game that it’s just music. So he can make all the memes he want, I know it’s just music. That’s what we do. We come from that era.”

When explaining his decision to Meek Mill, that sentiment was apparently not felt. Although Beanie pointed back to the fact that Meek said he got it, the Maybach Music Group artist was taken aback by Sigel’s decision not to go further.

Now upset, Beans declares, “Lames get lucky, real niggas do it again. I don’t need Meek Mills, facts, ’cause right now if I don’t ever make another record again, I’m a legend in this Hip-Hop shit […] I’m the nigga that fought all the Roc-A-Fella wars.”

Later, he states, “[Meek Mill] do a lot of fuck shit that the world don’t know about and they need to. ‘Cause he let me step in that shit [with The Game]. I tell him, it ain’t no we. Meek, you gotta prove yourself, boss. You gotta do that before I move. I’m already in it so regardless, it gotta go how it gotta go. I’m in it, I’m riding. It is what it is, but it’s just some Rap shit. I’ve been in them cars, man with niggas, we done cried and hugged each other knowing that there’s a chance we might not make it back. [That was] bigger than Rap shit. Facts. [It was] street shit. You ain’t never been in that position, nigga … You never been a part of nothing that was bigger than yourself.”

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After going in depth about Meek’s lack of street respect in Philly, Beans moves to the night of the show. It was that night that he claimed his kingdom, with Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim, The LOX, Ma$e, French Montana, and DMX looking on. Beanie Sigel went back for the throne.

“What happened at the show is, I went there, was supposed to talk to Meek,” he says. “His representative, his spokesperson at the time, for whatever reason, he felt as though he had to stand up for [Meek Mill]. Big man’s first altercation ain’t go his way. Facts. With a little nigga. I wasn’t with 30 niggas. Y’all was 30 deep. I had my cousin, my wife and her cousin, a female. I set them in so they could see the show properly. It was just me and my three homies. They was my young ‘bols, but they men now and I don’t call them my youngins, they’re my niggas. They’re my brothers, matter of fact. Three little, they no bigger than 5’2″, 5’3″. The altercation with the five-foot cuzz didn’t go your way, cuzz, let’s keep it 100. Punches was in bunches. But you had ample opportunity to give me that straight man-to-man. You didn’t do that. You waited for my back was turned. ‘Cause we from the same neighborhood, same part of town. We had that understanding, you know what, this ain’t for here. We see each other back on the block. Cool. We got business to take care of. C’mon. We out. Then my back turned, you still off on me? I ain’t embarrassed about that, ’cause I’m a man. I’m hurt more than anything ’cause I love him. Genuine love.” While Beanie does not use his name, it appears he is talking about Teefy Bey—the same person who spoke publicly on the incident earlier this week.

Sigel speaks directly to Meek later on. “You want the respect that I got, but you can’t [get it]. You gotta earn it. I earned it. You argue with people in your [social media] comments to the point you worry about what the peanut gallery got to say and not worrying about what the thoroughbreds think about you. Fuck the peanut gallery. That’s everybody in they comments, everybody got a voice on Instagram. Fuck them. Worry about what the thorough niggas think about you. It’s to the point I didn’t even know you can do that, you turned your comments off. You wouldn’t have turned them off if you weren’t reading them and something eating at you. ‘Cause niggas telling you, no disrespect to Drake, but you took a loss to a singer, from Canada at that. And you flying off the handle. You shoulda left it alone. You shoulda took the advice I gave you when you went through it first time. I strictly told you, don’t say nothing, Meek. There’s power in absence. There’s power in silence. You could have won that beef because Drake don’t got to live by the rules we live by or you claim to live by. He’s not a street nigga. He’s not from the streets, so he don’t got to live by that code. You can’t look at that man in a different light because he’s got armed security or whoever he got. He’s the fucking biggest thing in music.”

As this beef has turned to Beanie Sigel versus Meek Mill (as Game’s own attacks appear to be sprayed in many directions), this beef is complicated. As far as Beanie Sigel makes known though, his issues with Game are Rap music-based. His issues with Meek are rooted in respect (or lack thereof) and the city streets these men claim to share.