Meek Mill Replies To The Game’s Diss & He Has Beanie Sigel Riding With Him (Audio)

Last week (September 16), The Game declared beef with former collaborator Meek Mill. The Compton, California veteran rapper made his position clear on “92 Bars,” a controversial inclusion on upcoming album 1992. In the same song, Game name-checked a number of Hip-Hop artists, including Beanie Sigel, while vowing plans to possibly battle with Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar—all past collaborators. For Meek, the Blood Money founder and CEO accused the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC of snitching. At that time, Game did not elaborate, but repeatedly threatened violence on the Maybach Music Group artist because of this alleged infraction.

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Less than three full days later, Meek has responded in song. The artist released “Ooouuu” tonight (September 18), built atop the instrumental from the breakout sensation of the same name from Brooklyn, New York’s Young M.A. Notably, he brought along Beanie Sigel with him—who drops a couple couplets on the record, being present during its creation. The song jabs at Game’s character and reputation, including accusing him of being an exotic dancer, never backing up his threats, and getting bested by other rappers in the past.

One series of bars from Meek states the following: “Durk checked you, Thug sonned you / Fif’ dropped you, Mac warned you / Strippers turned rappers, look what we come to.” Later, Meek questions Game’s gang ties that he touted most recently on “92 Bars”: “Comin’ down Sunset, I’m not done yet / I’ve been to Bompton, you don’t run that / Shout out to YG, where my Bloods at? / Call my eses, where them guns at?

Dream Chasers artist Omelly also appears on the song. Beanie Sigel’s spoken rhymes are few, but hefty. The onetime Roc-A-Fella Records star warns Game that he’ll come out of retirement to rap, and travel to Los Angeles, California to defend his hometown friend. Previously, Beanie worked with Game on his R.E.D. album on “Heavy Artillery.” For a decade, Game has had conflict with Sigel’s musical mentor, Jay Z. Meek also has management ties to Jay’s Roc Nation.

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Since Friday, rapper and singer Sean Kingston has come forth to speak about his involvement in this dispute. Based on social media testimony, Game believes that Meek told Kingston members of Game’s entourage were responsible for an incident at a club during which Kingston was robbed of his jewelry. Game has accused Kingston and Meek of having authorities investigate him. Previously, Game had worked with the Miami, Florida based artist on “Colors (Remix).” In videos released since Friday, Kingston has also dissed Game, echoing Meek’s points heard on “Oouuu.”

Game, Kingston, and Meek have all moved this beef onto social media in the time between “92 Bars” and “Ooouuu.”

This is what Game said on “92 Bars” that involved Beans:

We had the rock, hit the block like what’s up with it
Jay was in the Z, my young gunnas in the truck with it
Sigel would’ve loved it, Philly would’ve fucked with it
California state property you niggas stuck with it
Brrrring, sold Peedi Crakk
Game was on the block in his beanie with a Mac
I’m what you Rap niggas ‘fraid of
A Compton nigga that could go bar for bar with Jada’.

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This violent war of words follows a week that marked 20 years since Tupac Amaru Shakur died from gunshot wounds. At the time of his death, he was beefing with The Notorious B.I.G., among others. Biggie died six months later, in March of 1997.