Kevin Hart Rekindles His Battle With Meek Mill & Shows No Mercy (Video)

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As two natives of the City Of Brotherly Love, Kevin Hart and Meek Mill have history. Although they are from different age brackets, the two men have bonded over the years, both on and off stage. Their chemistry and kinship was never on greater display than when they “battled” backstage in 2012 after one of Meek’s Dreams & Nightmares Tour shows. Hart assumed his “Chocolate Droppa” MC persona and he and Meek entered into what was more akin to a game of the dozens, rather than a true rap battle, but their wit and ability to take joking verbal jabs made the affair a viral moment. Recently, at one of Hart’s shows, they staged a rematch.

Watch Kevin Hart & Meek Mill’s First Battle (Video)

Since their last bout, Hart has sharpened his skills, having faced such menacing opponents as James Corden. The growth in his BARS showed as, this time, rather than a back-and-forth battle, the event was more of a one-sided beatdown, as Hart went in on Mill for nearly 3 full minutes. Nothing was spared, including Meek’s relationship with Nicki Minaj, his clothes and his belly.

By the end, in a rare moment of seriousness from Hart, he made it clear that it was all jokes and that he had nothing but the utmost respect for his “guy” as a performer.