Kevin Hart And James Corden Have A Rap Battle And It Gets Harsh (Video)

Kevin Hart and James Corden are not MCs, but that does not stop them from waging a fierce rap battle. Each man is more than capable of staying on beat and, more importantly, both possess the ability to wield words as weapons in a way like few others. While Corden has made his name with his hilarious “Carpool Karaoke” videos, he and Hart face off in The Late Late Show‘s new “Drop The Mic Segment.”

Out of the gate, Hart and Corden trash-talk one another. “He not ready,” says Hart about Corden, with James responding “you guys should enjoy this smile on his face, ’cause it’s about to go.” After that, the beat drops and the insults start to fly.

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Corden leads off with lines like “Get Hard, Ride Along, Ride Along 2, hey, you’re great at being in movies with people more famous than you,” and “Why would you step to me, you know I can destroy, you may think like a man, but you’re built like a boy.” Hart responds with his own pointed jabs, aimed at Corden’s singing ability and recent stint as the host of the Tony Awards. “Now your career, after singing with Nick Jonas, you’ll be back on Broadway soon, I’m not playing, you’ll be homeless,” he raps, followed by “‘Carpool Karaoke,’ how long that last? How do you rap with your head up Lin-Manuel’s ass?,” a reference to the star of Hamilton who dominated the Tonys with 11 wins for his play.

It’s in Round 2, however, where the harshness goes to a different level. James name-checks Kevin’s movies that flopped and roasts him about his size. Kevin similarly goes in, suggesting a Corden is a second tier late night host, and attacking his waist line.

It’s all in good fun, but it’s as much roast as rap.