Daylyt Usually Rhymes A Cappella But He Wrecks 5 Beats With This Freestyle (Video)

Last week, Watts, California MC Daylyt gave a wildly compelling interview on Sway In The Morning. There, the highly prominent, often controversial battle rapper spoke about the violence in his city, why his peers have two options in the industry, and his unique relationships with Eminem and Drake.

While at Sway’s show, Daylyt was never leaving without a freestyle. DJ Wonder drops 1990s classic tracks from Redman, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Masta Ace Incorporated, while Day’ gets into his own unique pocket—and seems to begin the segment with some hardcore autobiographical raps. For an MC who made his career without beats, the Total Slaughter standout locks into the tracks, and barely comes up for air.

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Following new single “Bruh,” Daylyt is pushing on for his debut album.