Fat Joe, O.C., & A.G. Go Diggin’ With Substance On A Showbiz Beat (Audio)

Earlier this year, the Diggin’ In The Crates collective released a compilation album surrounding their new Bronx, New York recording studio. With all living members involved more (17 years after the death of Big L), the LP also showcased some new producers down with D.I.T.C.

On “It’s Cold Outside (Remix),” the new guard and the old guard come together. Showbiz, one of the crew’s 25-year leaders, produces alongside Motif for a song with lyrics by Fat Joe, O.C., and A.G. The cut looks at police brutality, the unsolved murders within Hip-Hop, and the way young women are treated in schools. There are some powerful historical theories and revelations in this song that shows that Diggin’ is marching forward with a balance of sound and substance not unlike their respected post in the genre 20 years ago.

Showbiz Recounts The Trauma Of Seeing Big L Moments After He Was Killed

This mix, posted to their official Soundcloud account, is still reportedly in the demo stages.