Kendrick Lamar’s Verse on Isaiah Rashad’s Latest Shows Wat’s Wrong With Other MCs (Audio)

In Isaiah Rashad’s latest single, singer and MC Zacari laments the feeling of running in circles when getting ahead of ourselves. “Wat’s Wrong” is both a query and its response, with Kendrick Lamar and his T.D.E. cohort reflecting on everything from taxes to self-preservation, with the former attacking his verse in typical K. Dot fashion (“I tolds them I was the best rapper at 25/Been like that for a while now, I’m 29/Any nigga that disagree is a fuckin’ liar/Pardon me, see my alter ego a Gemini”) and proving once again his ability to run circles around other MCs.

Isaiah Rashad Lets His Ego Talk As He Allows His Soul To Sing (Audio)

It’s the first single from Rashad to be released since he shared news of his struggle with Xanax and alcohol addiction on Juan Epstein’s podcast, a revelation that speaks to the breadth of time that has passed since the release of his previous project, 2014’s Cilvia Demo. Tomorrow (September 2), the Chattanooga, Tennessee MC will drop his debut studio LP, The Sun’s Tirade, and if the reflective, poignant lyrics to “Wat’s Wrong” are any indication, it’s likely to be his most vulnerable work to date.