KRS-One & R.A. The Rugged Man Trade Verses On A Beat That’s Ready For Primetime. (Audio)

UPDATE (12/21): Predator Prime has released the music video to “Primetime,” posted below:

Hip-Hop can often be a family business. Dr. Dre and Warren G are half-brothers. ONYX’s Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr are cousins. Peter Gunz and Cory Gunz are father and son. Across the landscape of the Rap industry, there are many blood relations. One of the culture’s most revered MCs, KRS-One has added to this. Kris’ son Predator Prime is following in his father’s footsteps, and KRS is there to help him blaze a path.

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, “Primetime” is produced by Predator Prime, who also DJs. His track is blessed by KRS and R.A. The Rugged Man—two highly-respected, and deeply didactic MCs, who were also Jive Records label-mates back in the 1990s. Relative newcomer S.B. The Anomaly is also featured on the song.

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All of the MCs shout out Predator Prime. R.A. (who is also a proud father) references the family Hip-Hop lineage for his track-mates. S.B. and his unique delivery follows, adding a bridge before his verse. Kris enters with “Let us begin / Freestyle or written with a pen / The crowd jumps up when Prime starts to spin / I’m goin’ in ’til the end / I’m Top 5 and I’m Top 10.” All three MCs go for the gusto on the track.

This four-minute track is available at Prime’s Bandcamp page, for free download. There, the latest professional musician in the Parker family (following KRS and DJ Kenny Parker) has a number of projects available.

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Predator Prime produced extensively on KRS-One’s most recent album, Now Hear This, which dropped late last year.