Masta Ace Traces His Roots In The Most Autobiographical Song Of His Career (Video)

Masta Ace has fashioned a career that has lasted 30 years. The Brooklyn, New York MC has history with the Juice Crew, Crooklyn Dodgers, DOOM, and Eminem—all in a series of years that have been met with label woes, crews breaking up, and more than a few rappers trying to test his place.

On his latest album, The Falling Season, the inventive storyteller went straight non-fiction. While Ace’s 2000s releases have been strikingly personal, none appear more so than this self-released LP. Within it, “Story Of Me” (featuring Pearl Gates and Denez Prigent) is perhaps most revealing. For the video (which premiered at OkayPlayer), Ace goes to his Brownsville and Coney Island stomping grounds of yesterday to show that even as New York City has changed, his career is a delicate balance of evolving, and staying who he is.

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The Falling Season features Cormega, A.G., Chuck D, and others.