Redman Lists The Many Reasons Why Eminem Is One Of His Top MCs (Video)

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For years, Eminem has said that Redman is one of his all-time favorite MCs. In fact, on his song “Till I Collapse,” Em even went so far as to call Red his GOAT. During a sit down with DJ Vlad, Reggie Noble said that the admiration went both ways and then proceeded to list all the reasons why Eminem is one of his top MCs, as well.

An Argument For Why Redman Is The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time (Video)

Redman’s comments were sparked by Vlad’s questions about “Off The Wall,” the one and only collaboration between the two MCs. After detailing how the song was recorded, with the two men meeting in the studio and writing their verses on the spot, Redman said that he honestly believed neither outdid the other on the record. “We both had our moments,” said Red. “On that record, we was going IN…I listened to it and we was both gettin’ it in.”

In response to Vlad saying that Eminem has named Redman as one of his top all-time rappers, Redman said “Yeah, and he’s one of my top, too. A lot of people was mad at me too, for saying Eminem was one of my top, but, yeah, I can say that…It’s because of his work ethics. I like his work ethics.” Not stopping there, Redman listed a litany of qualities he admired about Em as an MC. “Album for album, he was bangin.’ I don’t care about the Grammys. I don’t care about all the awards he won. His dedication, his hard work, his seriousness on every album, very competitive…I wasn’t disappointed. He’s just like me.”

Redman also addressed the race issue head on, saying “Yeah, we can blame it on his race. Yes, the white race supported him more. Yes, he’s white. But, is he nice? YES. Do he get respect by the Black culture and any other culture–Chinese, Mexican? YES, ’cause he’s NICE.”

What Makes Eminem The GOAT To So Many?

At the end of the interview, Redman discusses why he and Em have not worked together since, leaving the door open for more collaborations in the future. He also details his time in the studio with Dr. Dre, noting just how much respect he has for the Good Doctor.