Tech N9ne Puts Himself In The Shoes Of Those Victimized By Law Enforcement (Audio)

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When speaking with Ambrosia For Heads last year, Kansas City, Missouri MC Tech N0ne alluded to his upcoming album, The Storm.

This is what he said last November: “My next LP [is] called The Storm. I’m gonna show [folks] that I ain’t even slowin’ down. I’m gonna show [them]—and everybody that’s on Worldstar [hating]—’he corny, ’cause he paint his face’—’he makes music for kids who shoot up schools’—aiight. Aiight! I got somethin’ to prove to all these niggas; it’s all good! I ain’t relaxed. I don’t care that I’m in a $3.3 million house. I don’t care, nigga. I got somethin’ to prove! ‘Cause these mothafuckas is used to us! [Chuckles] And I’m sure Eminem’d say the same thing.” Tech and Em’ have collaborated a few times in their career, Sway & King Tech’s “The Cypher” and the latter artist’s “Speedom.”

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The weather is in the horizon, as Tech announced that his first album in 2016 will come at its close. The Strange Music release arrives December 9.

That sentiment that the Strange co-founder shared last November is alive in one of the three songs he released today (September 9). “What If It Was Me,” featuring Krizz Kaliko, tells Tech’s story. From an artist dealing with label drama, a group (816 Boyz) facing personal and legal hurdles, and a city without a national Rap scene, Tech wanted to sell records, make money, and be the best. As the verses tell, and those following the story know, that’s happened. However, the song takes a very real turn as Tech’s raps reveal the fears he lives with, as Black men are killed by police. In the record, the multi-millionaire, gold-selling MC reveals that he feels not far from Alton Sterling (who he specifically alludes to), or the others who have lost their lives. This single suggests that no matter how wealthy, successful, or respected one is, he is still facing some of the same problems that we should all be looking to change.

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The two other singles released from The Storm are “Erybody But Me” and “I Get It Now.” Krizz is also featured on the first of that pair.