The Game Blasts Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel & Sean Kingston On The Hardest Diss Record In Years (Audio)

On Sunday night (September 18), Meek Mill responded to The Game. Completing the first round of disses, Meek’s “Ooouuu” featured Dream Chasers protege Omelly, as well as a symbolic appearance from another former Game collaborator, Beanie Sigel. Game wastes no time bringing out a new attack, and “Pest Control” is one that will leave many fans of Rap drama gasping for air, and a reply.

In the tradition of Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline,” Tupac and Tha Outlawz’ “Hit ‘Em Up,” and Kurupt’s “Callin’ Out Names,” Jayceon Taylor goes for absolute broke in his agenda to break Meek Mill’s reputation. “Pest Control,” an allusion to ridding a space of rats, also takes heavy shots at Beanie Sigel, Omelly, and Sean Kingston in the process as the man with the album called 1992 is beefing like the glory days of West Coast Gangsta Rap, to some, anyway.

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From the same recording studio where Tupac Shakur survived a 1994 shooting, Game begins his diatribe, “All rats gotta die though / In New York, Quad Studios, gettin’ high though / Off that Sour D and that Hydro / This nigga take an ‘L’ every time he go viral / Welcome to the West, and this ain’t The Life Of Pablo / Stay on that bullshit, this gonna start to feel like Chicago.” After getting that foundation laid, Game labels Meek Mill as Nicki Minaj’s “side show,” and criticizes him for beating up Quentin Miller, but running from tougher physical opponents. The diss grows sexual, with Game clawing at Meek and Nicki’s sex life. The same way Drake mentioned playing the music of Ar-Ab in his 2015 battle with Meek, Game claims he’s playing old Cassidy music, another onetime Meek opponent. “The louder you scream the wacker the verse / I put the Dick Chaser logo on the back of your hearse,” Game slams, renaming Meek’s label and criticizing his rap style, before delivering a literal death blow, “They say the meek shall inherit the earth / So I went and dug your ass up, ’cause Drizzy buried you first.

In the verse, Game accuses Meek of his personal problems with Rick Ross, Wale, and Drake. He warns Mill to avoid returning to Los Angeles, due to gangs being turned against him. “Bought your first album, ain’t took it out the plastic yet / Moved from Philly to L.A., and think he Fresh Prince / Sean Kingston got robbed, and now you niggas best friends.” He critiques Meek for getting Omelly and Beans, and says he could’ve got the likes of Snoop Dogg, E-40, Kendrick Lamar, and Dr. Dre to diss Meek.

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Towards Sean Kingston, Game brings in an onslaught of cracks at the singer’s weight, his mother, and his sister. For Beans, Game urges Meek to take him to a drug rehabilitation facility. He also tells the self-proclaimed “Broad Street Bully” (a term coined for the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers) he’d beat him with a hockey stick. “The nigga Hova gave you the game, now soak it / You supposed to throw up the Roc, not smoke it / Talkin’ about you gonna be in L.A. in three hours / It’s a five hour flight! Put this bum in the shower,” he jabs, in his latest punch towards the Dynasty La Familia.

Both Game and Meek Mill’s diss tracks to one another are built atop Brooklyn, New York’s Young M.A., whose “OOOUUU” has become a sensation.

Game is banging on wax, and appears out to prove this is more than an album promotional stunt.