The Weeknd Is A Shooting Star. He Embraces It In A Daft Punk Assisted Single (Video)

The Weeknd is a comet in the sky. From mixtapes to albums, this two-time Grammy Award winner has captivated Pop music without compromising his own trippy take on R&B. On November 25, the Canadian singer will release his third album, Starboy. The follow-up to last year’s #1 Beauty Behind The Madness promises to build upon the Pop bend that the XO founder has proven to work.

The title track to the album features Daft Punk, who can be very discerning who they work with. In the video, The Weeknd swings a neon cross (with another around his neck) as he basks in the glory of his Batman-like lair. Exotic cars, smashed chandeliers, and sophisticated lighting make this an artful display from to. Once reserved (except from his lyrics), The Weeknd is embracing his power.

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Daft Punk reportedly also participated in this single’s production. 16 out of the LP’s 18 tracks have not been confirmed in title.