T.I.’s New EP Is His Most Political Work Yet. It’s Us Or Else (Audio)

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With the release of “Warzone,” T.I. shared with the world his most powerful video to date. By visualizing an America in which innocent victims of police shootings are White and the officers Black, the multi-platinum rapper made the boldest political statement of his career and added his voice to the ongoing discourse surrounding racial unrest. As he told “The Daily Show” in a recent interview, Tip experienced an aha moment, one which inspired him to create an entire project devoted to issues facing Black Americans and today (September 23), that project arrives in the form of Us or Else.

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A six-track E.P., Us or Else is also home to “We Will Not,” a song T.I. dropped earlier this summer and one which also references victims of police shootings in lyrics and in imagery. Notable featured guests include Killer Mike, who appears alongside Brandon Rossi on the latest single, “40 Acres.” An obvious reference to the 40 acres and a mule once promised to newly freed slaves during Reconstruction, the song is unrelenting in its description of self-sabotaging behavior, with Rossi opening by rapping “She done put her reparations in a handbag, he done spent his reparations on his swag swag / A Black nigga, put your fortunes in a sandbag / Laugh at your misfortune, then we put it in a hashtag.”

Also featured are Big K.R.I.T. on “Switchin Lanes” and Meek Mill on “Black Man,” among others.

This has been a tragic week for T.I. as well, who lost a longtime friend and collaborator in Shawty Lo earlier this week. Heads can read Tip’s tribute to his late comrade.