Token Looks To Leave A Permanent Mark On The Rap Pages With His Eraser Shavings (Audio)

For more than half of his life, Token has been building his skills as an MC. The Massachusetts product crosses a critical benchmark in his career with the release of Eraser Shavings. Token’s first full-length project of his career boasts 17 tracks, including production by veterans including Nottz, Clinton Sparks, Kato, and close affiliates Jon Glass and Nox. On the vocal side, the MC who is 17 years old needs no assistance. Instead, the effort makes a point to assert that all Token really needs is one mic.

Songs on the album bask in concepts closely tied to Token’s personal life. Tracks such as video single “Happiness,” “Momma’s Favorite Chair,” and “Exception” analyze depression, suicide, and bullying going on in the schools. As a storyteller, the MC shifts in and out of his perspectives, others, and seemingly catches his world at many angles. In other places, the Mass’ lyricist who has impressed folks from Sway Calloway to Mark Wahlberg to Joell Ortiz centers on the skills and consistency that got him here. Songs like closer “Self Made” and “Self Taught” (Eraser Shavings‘ bookends) make no bones about Token’s path to the podium.

Token’s Storytelling Proves That Happiness Can Be A Hard Place To Reach (Video)

This work invokes concept, storytelling, and lots of highly-advanced flows and over-the-top deliveries. This MC’s stage-name may allude to his age, his hometown, or perhaps even his fresh faced image. However, Token proves that he is an example of the skills and practice it takes to get on the train to success in a very fickle, often cosign-reliant Rap industry.

Listen to Token’s Eraser Shavings on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes.