Translee Refuses To Be Lost In The Sauce. Is He Ready Or Not For His Big Shot? (Video)

Translee is a Huntsville, AL-raised, Atlanta-based MC, who proudly raps under his government name. Signed to independent label DNC (Digital Nativ3 Culture), he calls his style “conversational rap,” based on real music, real people, real problems, real times and real facts. As a Southern Hip-Hop artist Translee aims to change the perception of Southern Hip-Hop, and now Hip-Hop in general, particularly the the lack of diversity in its subject matter. “Every day ain’t the same,” he says. “Sometimes you want to talk about God. Sometimes you want to talk about drugs. Sometimes you want to talk about love”.

Having recorded with the likes of CyHi The Prynce, BJ The Chicago Kid, Raheem DeVaughn and more, Translee released his new project titled M.A.O.T.P., Pt 1, earlier this month. On the album, Translee opens up about the realities of his life as a college graduate living in an oversaturated market pursuing a Rap career, lacking a steady income, while he bounces from couch to couch while pursuing his dreams.

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Translee’s “Lost In The Sauce” has sobering lyrics that touch on the Confederate Flag, gun violence, and making it on your own merits. The video uses vibrant color and sketches to draw in the viewer, as the MC literally fights for his life.

Now, he joins Ambrosia For Heads’ emerging artist initiative, Ready Or Not, to show he is ready to make his dreams a reality.

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