Camp Lo’s Sonny Cheeba & The Avalanches Make A Video That’s Erupts In Cool

Since their mid-1990s inception, Camp Lo has stood for retro cool. Even down to their names, Geechie Suede and Sonny Cheeba have a flare for 1960s and 1970s coolness. They possess unique slang, bold fashion, and confidence that radiated throughout debut Uptown Saturday Night. Like the films and other art they pulled from, these Bronx, New Yorkers project a hip originality that had a wide lens of inspiration.

In 2016, Camp Lo linked with The Avalanches, the Australian outfit is perhaps best known for Y2K’s Since I Left You. While not squarely in the Hip-Hop genre, that album combated Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique and De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising for its gluttonous and fearless use of samples. At last count, the LP is believed to contain more than 3,500 sources. Sixteen years later, they follow up with Wildflower. This LP contains appearances by Hip-Hop mainstays DOOM, Biz Markie, and Danny Brown. On video single “Because I’m Me,” the setting is a 1970s subway station (playing off of an album theme). For the video, it’s clear why Sonny (who is the only one in the video) and Suede are the perfect accents to the song. The visual calls back to the Jackson 5 (as does the song arrangement). As a confident little boy tries to court a subway worker that catches his eye, a band breaks out, breakers appear, and more craziness takes place.

Camp Lo & A 10-Piece Horn Section Sound Rich Like Luchini (Audio)

If this isn’t cool, what is?