EPMD Take Care Of Business At The Roots Picnic In New York (Video)

This afternoon (October 2), EPMD took the stage at The Roots Picnic in New York and absolutely crushed it. Erick Sermon jokingly remarked that he was only 27 years, while simultaneously noting that he and Parrish Smith had been rocking mics for nearly 30 years. Both their experience and their youthful energy manifested during the performance.

EPMD Has Upcoming Album Business. PMD Clarifies Production Roles (Audio)

Having performed several dates this Summer, including as part of Ice-T’s “Art Of Rhyme” festival, E Double and PMD were razor sharp and in good spirits. Throughout their set, they drew contrasts between their era, noting that they were of the school of Big Daddy Kane and A Tribe Called Quest, and some of today’s stars. They threw shots at those who did not actually rap during their shows, choosing to let their tracks do the work for them, and those who no longer celebrated the DJ. To that end, they gave DJ Diamond his own part of the show, and he tore down the vintage “bad meaning good” line from Run-D.M.C.’s “Peter Piper.”

Though their set was only about 30 minutes, Erick and Parrish made the most of their time, rocking classics like “It’s My Thang,” “You Gots To Chill,” “Strictly Business,” “So Watcha Sayin’,” “Headbanger” and “Crossover.” Though fans may have been left wanting for more, recent reports that EPMD may be working on a new album may offer plenty to look forward to.