Rakim’s Rep Says Statements About A Reunion With Eric B. Are “Completely False”

Last week, tweets began appearing from a verified Twitter account bearing the name Eric and Rakim, stating that the group was back and asking in which city they should start their new tour. As one of the most important duos in Hip-Hop history, naturally, the reaction to the news was massive. Eric and Ra had reportedly not spoken in years, since their split in 1992, and there were rumors of bad blood. Also, the prospect of the group whose first single was “Eric B. Is President” reuniting in the craziest election cycle in recent memory was poetic. It seemed aptly-timed, too, given their landmark debut album, Paid In Full, turns 30 years old next year.

Eric B. & Rakim Have Reunited And Are Going On Tour

According to a report by OkayPlayer, however, it appears the statements made by that Twitter account were untrue. Rakim’s management told the publication “Any statements pertaining to an Eric B and Rakim reunion are completely false.”


While that is undoubtedly deflating news for legions of fans, there are some silver linings to this dark cloud. Earlier in the year, Eric B. spoke to Combat Jack about the status of his relationship with Rakim. While he stated that he and Rakim had not interacted for nearly 20 years, he also firmly said there was no beef. “I haven’t been around Rakim in 19 years, so what beef do we have? I didn’t take any money from you, didn’t sleep with your wife, so what beef do we have? And we’re Muslims, so we’re not supposed to go to the mosque and say, ‘I been mad at my brother for 19 years.’ Over what?,” Eric said. According to OkayPlayer’s report, Rakim’s management says “it’s all love between the two legends.” Additionally, whether or not Eric and Ra reunite down the road, Rakim intends to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut, saying “It’s always a blessing to feel that love and support from the fans and I’m definitly going to be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Paid in Full in 2017 even if I’m not sure how yet.”

Let’s hope the tremendous outpouring of love and support for the duo over the last week will be the final push to allow them to take the stage together, once again. However, the question remains: Who runs that verified Twitter account?