Eric B. & Rakim Have Reunited And Are Going On Tour

I came in the door. I said it before. I never let the mic magnetize me no more. But, it’s biting me, fighting me, inviting me to rhyme. I can’t hold it back. I’m looking for the line. Taking off my coat. Clearing my throat. The rhyme will be kicking until I hit my last note.” 30 years ago, those indelible lines introduced Eric B. & Rakim to the world, by way of their 1986 debut single, “Eric B. Is President.” Fast forward three decades later, to the most insane U.S. presidential election in recent history, and what better time for the dynamic duo of Eric Barrier and Rakim to reunite?

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Earlier this week, in a series of tweets from their verified Twitter account, Eric and Ra kicked off a flurry of activity, including announcing they were in fact back together. Commencing on October 19, the group went from a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Eric B. really should be President in 2016, to announcing a return and suggesting a tour was in the works. On October 19, they tweeted “Vote Eric B. for President.” Then, on October 20, the group tweeted “It’s official. You heard it here first,” quickly followed up with “We are back.” Yesterday (10/21), they resumed their campaign for Eric as POTUS, saying “Vote @EricB because our Great Country deserves a POTUS who can MOVE THE CROWD. @realDonaldTrump cannot. @HillaryClinton will not. EB will!” Today (10/22), they have begun unveiling more concrete details about what they’re reunion entails, asking fans “Where do we jump off this new tour?,” listing New York, Las Vegas, London and Australia as possible options. Not surprisingly, New York currently holds a commanding lead in the poll.

Though each has released solo material over the years, Eric and Rakim have not worked together since their 1992 break up. It has long been believed there was bad blood between the two men, but, in an interview with Combat Jack earlier this year, Eric addressed the topic. “I haven’t been around Rakim in 19 years, so what beef do we have? I didn’t take any money from you, didn’t sleep with your wife, so what beef do we have? And we’re Muslims, so we’re not supposed to go to the mosque and say, ‘I been mad at my brother for 19 years.’ Over what?,” Eric says in response to a question about their division. Whether that interview or something else prompted it, clearly much has changed since its March release, as the men prepare for their campaign to lead the Hip-Hop nation.

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As the last few days suggest, there are likely to be more details coming. Until then, stay tuned and welcome back Eric and Ra.