Kxng Crooked Pulls a Fast One On Killer Cops To Teach Them a Lesson (Video)

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They say the best way to understand another person’s pain is to walk a mile in their shoes, but history has proven time and again that empathy is not a lesson easily taught. When it comes to solutions to the problem of police violence, many say hiring officers to police their own neighborhoods would help mitigate the use of lethal fire on civilians. That’s an approach Kxng Crooked employs in his latest song, “Shoot Back (Dear Officer),” in which he asks “would you shoot if that was your son?…You ain’t from ’round here so why don’t you just go back where you’re from?”

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Today (October 27), he releases the visual accompaniment to the record, which merges several different vignettes to drive home the main thesis: clearly, pleas for empathy aren’t enough to curtail the killings of unarmed people of color by police, so maybe it’s time to shoot back, at least metaphorically. In the video’s dominant storyline, the Long Beach, California MC plays the role of a victim of a police shooting, albeit one with a plan. It begins with his filming a statement on his phone, in case he ends up dead and the cops plant a weapon on him. Sure enough, he’s pulled over by the police and gunned down, and an officer throws a weapon into the backseat. However, Kxng Crooked has some tricks up his sleeve, and he ends up teaching the officer a lesson he’ll never forget.

“Shoot Back (Dear Officer)” (which features a spoken outro from Tech N9ne) appears on Kxng Crooked’s forthcoming album Good vs. Evil, which arrives November 11 and is available for preorder on iTunes.