Mickey Factz & Phonte Prove Some MCs Actually Love Their Women (Audio)

Nowadays, to listen to Hip-Hop one would think that most male MCs hate women. Misogyny in lyricism is so prevalent as to not even raise an eyebrow. Also, seemingly no rapper has his own girlfriend, as all you hear about is what they’re going to do to “your girl.” Ironically, rappers who display an affection and tenderness for women, like Drake, are often lampooned and vilified as being “soft.” Mickey Factz is out to change that, and he’s invited Phonte (Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange), to help him in his cause.

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While Factz has been on the scene for more than a decade, being named a 2009 XXL Freshman and having released over a dozen mixtapes, he will be releasing his debut album on October 28. The Achievement: circa ’82 is a collaborative project with producer Nottz, and features Styles P, Curren$y, Smoke DZA and Blu, in addition to Phonte.

On “Treat You Right,” Factz and Phonte rap about women and love from the perspectives of grown men. Mickey’s entire verse likens his mate to his other love, music, weaving in references to everyone from Marvin Gaye to Amy Winehouse, Queen Latifah to Beethoven. Phonte looks at his love in contrast to that of others, noting how thankful he is that his relationship has avoided the gamesmanship, distrust and strife plaguing those of people around him.

In speaking about the collaboration, Mickey said to XXL, who premiered the track, that as he listened to the track that would become “Treat You Right” on Nottz’s Instagram page, “in the comment section, a fan said I can hear Phonte singing and rapping on this song. I took it upon myself to make it happen.” Phonte said of working with Factz, “Mickey is a cat that I’ve always had a lot of respect for and is a dope MC. Wordplay and flow are two big factors for me when judging MC’s and he’s always delivered for me on both counts. His management sent me the record and I was already down, but once I saw it was a Nottz beat it was a no brainer. Nottz is family and we go back some years. I wanted to give him something really soulful, so I brought in my girl Tamisha Waden who sings with me in The Foreign Exchange to help fill out the background vocals and make it really thick. We got a jam.”

Mickey Factz Readies His Nottz Collabo LP With 15 Styles In 15 Minutes (Audio)

Last week, Factz premiered his mixtape, The Road To Achievement, on Ambrosia For Heads, as a prelude to The Achievement: circa ’82. The quick strike mixtape contained 15 tracks, showcasing 15 different styles from Factz in 15 minutes.

Below is the tracklist for The Achievement: circa ’82.

1. “Some People” Feat. Showtyme
2. “Masterpiece” Feat. Blu
3. “Treat You Right” Feat. Phonte
4. “I’m Good”
5.” Marina” Feat. Mack Wilds, Smoke DZA & Curren$y
6. “Get It”
7. “Vs” Feat. Styles P
8. “Wants”
9. “414 Words”
10. “The Achievement” Feat. Mela Machinko