Mickey Factz & Styles P Stage A Rap Battle On “Vs” & We Win (Audio)

To follow up the “ode to true love” Mickey Factz released last week, the Bronx-bred MC joins the Ghost himself, Styles P, on another Nottz production—and this one’s no love song. Instead, in a flow reminiscent of an old L.O.X. track, both lyricists flex their verbal abilities, going back and forth over a funky, bass-driven beat. Going toe to toe with a New York legend like Styles, on “Vs,” Factz proves he’s a viable contender and one of the game’s true spitters.

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, the track’s title implies a friendly skirmish between the two MCs, but really plays out more like a tag-team assault, with the rappers playing off each others’ bars. For example, when Factz rhymes, “Hip Hop Banksy to a blank sheet / Thank me for all of this art, none of the paint free,” Styles continues, “Thank us for the art, thank us for the thoughts / The paint ain’t free and the pain come à la carte.

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Factz has released a slew of mixtapes over the past 10 years and, having worked with some of Hip-Hop’s most esteemed artists, has certainly garnered the respect of his peers—including Lupe Fiasco and Big Sean, to name a couple, who have both brought him on tour in the past. He adds Styles to a diverse list of collaborators that include Elzhi, Phonte, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Despite his impressive resume, Factz has always done it “For The Culture,” putting his craft as an MC before flashy gimmicks. For example, at about 1:34, he engages in some complex Batman-themed wordplay: “Peep the enigma, I tell riddles well / On a dark night with a Muslim, pay a Christian bail / Or let ’em sit in jail…

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In the decade or so he’s been active, however, the 2009 XXL Freshman has yet to drop his own studio album—perhaps the missing piece he needs to take his career to the next level. With his Nottz collaborative LP The Achievement: circa ’82 coming October 28 on W.A.R./Soulspazm, that is about change.

#BonusBeat: Mickey Factz’ The Road To The Achievement precursor to the album: