Murs Now Holds The Record For Longest Rap Marathon (Video)

Murs is a founding member of the Living Legends crew. As far as the record books of Hip-Hop may be concerned, he is truly a living legend. The veteran Los Angeles, California MC completed a more than 24-hour Rap marathon yesterday morning (October 13).

Bars For Days…Murs Aims For Guinness World Record For Longest Freestyle

Beginning the day prior, the Have a Nice Life rapper launched his marathon, taking only five-minute breaks on the hour. By completion, the Felt co-founder was nearly hoarse from delivering an honest day’s worth of verses—spanning three hours of his own songs (including “Road Is My Religion”), as well as those from Kris Kross (whose “Jump” provided Murs with a much-needed opportunity to move around and shake it off), Nas & AZ’s (“Life’s a Bitch”), E-40 & Suga-T’s  (“Sprinkle Me”), A Tribe Called Quest (“Electric Relaxation” and “Steve Biko [Stir It Up]”), and many, many, MANY more.

In speaking with Billboard, Murs’s longtime friend and collaborator DJ Len described the process of preparing for the #RAPMarathon, saying “we came up with this six-hour cycle where you’re more likely to remember certain orders of things and can be more comfortable in knowing what the next song is. My basic advice to him leading up to this was hydrate, rest and shut your mouth.” Going into detail about the schematics of such an undertaking, he says “Murs can’t stop rapping, thus everything is edited so there are no scratch breaks. He can do chants, but he can’t lay out from a song more than four bars.”

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Murs’s triumphant achievement officially earns him a coveted spot at Guinness, the preeminent purveyor of all things record-holder. However, he isn’t the first MC to find his way into the annals of world-record history. The “most No. 1 rap albums on the US album chart” record goes to Jay Z, as does the record for “most debuts at No.1 on the US album chart by a rap artist.” Eminem’s “Rap God” earned him the Guinness record for “most words in a hit single” (1,560), and the “youngest transatlantic top 20 artist” is Will Smith, a.k.a. the Fresh Prince. To ensure that his performance met requirements set forth by the governing body at Guinness, Murs reportedly had professionals on scene to track his progress.

Bonus Beat: the entire Living Legends crew will be joining the How the Grouch Stole Christmas Tour. The Grouch, Murs, Eligh, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Scarub, Aesop, and Bicasso will be backed by DJ Fresh and visit 12 cities across the country. For more information, Heads can click here.