Rhymefest Is Back In A Major Way. Best BELIEVE It! (Video)

It has been more than a decade since Rhymefest released his major label debut, Blue Collar. In the time since, the Chicago, Illinois MC has made powerful and personal documentary films, run for public office, and still maintained his spot as a Grammy Award and Oscar Award-winning champion of Hip-Hop.

El Che returns to the kind of music and grabbing delivery that made him one of the most exciting new voices of the mid-2000s. “Believe” is a fiery indictment on the belief systems out there that ‘Fest isn’t feeling. From the same inspiration of “Jesus Walks” to the Kwanzaa holiday and Black History Month, to struggles within his own family, he clears his chest. Despite the repetitive style of “Believe,” this song transcends simply a concept record. Rhymefest is upset, at what society tells us, at his predicament, and himself. He lets off, and reminds people who have seen him in other mediums that he’s a 20-year-MC first and foremost. Directed by longtime affiliate Konee Rok, this simple video is wildly effective.

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In an essay he published at AllHipHop, ‘Fest confessed that he was artistically depressed leading to this hard-nosed return to form. “My cocoon wasn’t hatching, I was trapped in my thoughts for too long. Punishing myself for a past that no longer existed.”

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If “Believe” is any indication, it is the perfect artistic time in Che’s life for that third album that Heads have been patiently waiting for.