From Geto Boy To Golfing Man: Scarface Takes The Course (Video)

“I can cheat you. I can’t cheat that golf course.” In a fascinating new look at Scarface, Callaway Golf follows the Houston, Texas rapper as he plays a round of golf. It’s a different side of the MC, best known for his incomparable role in not only defining what a Southern Rap lyricist (or any lyrical MC, for that matter) should aspire to, but also forging a discernable path to the Horrorcore sound, something he achieved alongside his Geto Boys cohorts.

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In “Golf Lives: A Short Film,” ‘Face is introduced as a Rap legend who is currently working on his twelfth solo LP, but the words he shares go far beyond the music. “I feel like Rap is just a platform,” he says as footage of his playing guitar rolls. “I beat the odds. I come from absolutely fuck nothin’ to being one of the best artists to ever live,” he shares without a hint of vanity. “I went from listening to Ice-T and Ice Cube to being able to just fuckin’ pick up my phone and bam, ‘wassup?'” As he details his very personal feelings about his legacy (“I just want to be great. I don’t want to be forgotten”), ‘Face heads to a golf course to prove his point that he feels he “can master anything.”

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“I love golf for the challenge in it,” he says. “That’s the only sport I know that you can do the same thing over and over and over and over and expect different results.” His love for the game is palpable in the way he speaks, and it’s clear the same forethought he has brought to music in his nearly 30-year career he also brings onto the course. As he gets fit for a custom set of Callaway clubs, he also becomes a student of the game, and viewers are invited to witness a GOAT learn a couple things, too. If he truly wants so enhance his game faster, he can grab some golf tech like these. If you also want to elevate your golf skills, make sure that you invest in golf gear like this outdoor putting green.

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