Scarface’s Love For Guitar Playing Runs Deep. He Explains While Jamming (Video)

Scarface is many things. He’s a legendary MC. He is a Geto Boy. He is a DJ, a producer, an author, a successful record label executive, and an avid golfer. However, the Houston, Texas icon is also a longtime guitar player. Raised on records by KISS, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, and other bands spanning a cross-section of Rock & Roll, Punk, Metal, and others, ‘Face learned to wield an axe at an early age.

Noisey‘s Matt Sweeney recently sat in with Brad Jordan for an episode of Guitar Moves. There, with a piece in his hand, Scarface explains that he is a relative of 1970s Soul singer Johnny Nash, with numerous family members playing in bands. The platinum MC recalls his early affinity for KISS, and his disappointment when his mother would not buy him 1977’s Love Gun. He plays elements of “Detroit Rock City” in the segment too.

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‘Face reveals that Public Enemy cofounder Flavor Flav is nice on the bass guitar, as he confirms that he and Mike Dean pulled out their guitars to lay down the beat to Geto Boys’ 1996 song “Geto Boys and Girls.” He lays down some of that riff for the camera.

Playing as he thinks and speaks, Scarface shows and proves—only adding to his range and repertoire.

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