Talib Kweli Invites Problem & Aloe Blacc On a Remix for Every Ghetto (Audio)

With one of the most expansive repertoires in Hip-Hop, Talib Kweli’s longevity and stamina cannot be questioned. In addition to his MCing, he’s an activist, writer, and a handful of other things that are equally impressive. But today (October 5), it’s his music that is once again proving his ability to not only remain relevant, but also push the envelope and engage diverse voices.

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Back in November, he and 9th Wonder dropped Indie 500, which included “Every Ghetto.” Produced by Hi-Tek and featuring Rapsody, it’s an invigorating record that serves as a reminder of the unity that exists within disparity, particularly as it relates to race and social class. Now, the song has been given the remix treatment, with Problem (who also appeared on Indie 500‘s “Pay Ya Dues” and “Don’t Be Afraid”) and Aloe Blacc providing fresh, West Coast, backup on the Nottz-produced track.

Earlier this summer, Kweli contributed a verse to “I Can’t Breathe,” one of the most potent political Rap records of 2016 and in it, he delivered a message that resonated in far too many “ghettos” for all the wrong reasons.