Yelawolf’s First Release From His New Album Sees Daylight & It’s A Barn Burner (Video)

Over the Summer, Yelawolf announced his third album was complete and predicted it would be released sometime in the Fall. In an interview with German outlet Hip-Hop DE, Yela revealed the album would be titled Trial By Fire, and said of the project, “It’s done. It’s turned in and it’s being mixed now.” When asked about the timetable, he said “Not far. We’re probably looking at Fall, maybe.” The album, when released, will be his follow up to Love Story, an LP on which Yela showcased both his ferocious rapping and singing, and embraced his Rap and Rock roots.

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A couple of weeks ago, without much fanfare, he released what looks to be the first single from the project. “Daylight” picks up where Love Story left off, showcasing the various characteristics that make the Alabama MC so unique. He starts off by singing over an acoustic guitar about having to face the light of day, and turning to his old friend Whiskey to help him through. A country violin comes in and, just when it seems like he’s going to break out into song, the beat kicks in and he starts to SPIT. He’s in full Catfish Billy mode, as he rhymes about a simple Southern lifestyle.

The video holds true to the themes of the song, depicting him rising to face the sunlight and quickly finding his libations to provide some Southern comfort. He is seen in a simple shack with not much more than his band and his bottle. It’s a clear statement by the Shady Records signee that the more things change for him, the more they stay the same.