Yelawolf Tells A Haunting Tale Of What Really Lives Beyond The Shadows (Video)

When Yelawolf first popped the trunk in 2010, he flashed a lot more than iron. The Gadsden, Alabama MC had a nimble flow and an observant eye and pen for the multiple worlds and cultures around him. Well before he was backed by Eminem and Shady Records, “Catfish Billy” carved a niche for himself in Hip-Hop that was rather unique.

Latest single “Shadows” maintains that essence. With a Johnny Cash-esque chorus from Joshua Hedley, Yela’ describes his surroundings—capturing minor details that touch on darkness, nightmares, and why he always fears the Grim Reaper is lurking. Right in time for Halloween weekend, this is a song that has suspense, thrill, and some Southern Gothic horror embedded within.

Yelawolf’s First Release From His New Album Sees Daylight & It’s A Barn Burner (Video)

This past summer, Yela’ signed Three 6 Mafia co-founder DJ Paul to his Slumerican label.